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Independent publications like Make Minnesota rely on support by subscribers and patrons to be sustainable. As an ad-free magazine, we believe in offering a meaningful reading experience unhindered by traditional advertisements. We're proud to be a part of the slow journalism movement and believe that print is far from dead. There's a real resurgence of tactile, evocative reading experiences in an increasingly digital world; and this fact inspires us to create a truly one-of-a-kind magazine for our own communities. 



Vol. 3, No. 3

Identity Issue

An exploration of overlapping cultural, environmental, and deeply personal identities. The Identity Issue features immersive interviews, stories, essays, and recipes that celebrate the powerful and energizing diversity of this place. Read about artists, a beekeeper, a ceramicist, a farmer, a distiller, a gym owner, and so many more inspiring individuals. Order yours to support independent publishing! These inspiring people call Minnesota home, and through their voices, we set out to navigate the greater cultural, geographical, and environmental identities in Minnesota. Read on for some of the highlights. Vibrant cover illustration by Art Director Emma Eubanks. 




The Curiosity Issue

Inspired by and infused with curiosity, this collection of stories chronicles the experience, insight, and depth of curious humans. In each story, these Minnesotans exemplify the magic of being human, make beautiful things with their hands, fight for fellow humans, and make sustainable choices in their work to benefit the greater good.



The Vision Issue

The Vision Issue features vibrant artists, a local women’s woodshop, a glassblowing studio, a leather goods maker, a placemaking guide, an inside look at rural homestays, a guide to Twin Cities Coops, an exploration of local favorites by All Are Welcome Here, a photography contest, and more! These are visionary, inspiring, game-changing individuals.



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