2018 Featured Makers & Artists / Complete List!

Over the course of 2018, we were honored to feature an incredible bunch of makers, artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, creatives, and more. These amazing humans and brands made this magazine happen this year and we’re so grateful for their magic!



Ashley Mary

Strey Designs

Lacey Prpic Hedtke of The Future

Auslandish Company (collaborator!)

Solcana Fitness

Emma Eubanks (identity cover illustrator!)

Amanda Baumann of Tandem Vintage

Julie Benda (possibility cover illustrator!)

Local by Local / Community Guides

All Are Welcome Here / local favorites include: CreativeMornings/Minneapolis, Cook & Eddie Wu, Lakes & Legends Brewing Company, Midtown Global Market, Minnesota Museum of American Art, The Room with Closets (Sparkle Theatrical), They/Them Project, and Twin Cities World Refugee Day.

Twin Cities Cooperative Guide / local picks include: Wedge Community Co-op, Seward Community Co-op, Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op, Fair State Brewing Cooperative, The Hub Bicycle Co-op, and Minnesota Climbing Co-op.

Minny & Paul / local favorites include: HUGE Theater, Lizzo, Saint Paul Farmers Market, Minnehaha Dog Park, Arc’s Value Village, GirlCreative, YouthLink, and Tattersall Distilling.

Rural Homestay Guide / Moonstone Farm, Kah-Nee-Tah, Green Gate Guest Houses, Sweetwater Guesthouse, and Trade River Retreat Center.

Lakewinds Co-op & The Good Acre: Maker to Market / local makers include: Lost Capital Foods, ProCured, Jen’s Jars, and 3 Bear Oats.

Feature Stories

Women’s Woodshop

Hennepin Made

Concrete Pig

Winsome Goods (a stockist!)

Urban Forage Winery

Duluth Folk School

Vikre Distillery

Ben Fiess

Ely Historic Rehab

Emily Quandahl


Lisa Frank of Rettlers

Domini Brown

Matt Frank

Cody & Megan Mastel of Land by Hand

Kelsey Roseth

Lindsay Strong

Betsy Nelson aka That Food Girl

Tom Thulen

Lisa Wentworth of Lake Superior Kitchen

Jennifer Lundgren of Sage E Imagery

Kayla Elefson of Turtle Hare Farm

Colby Wegter

Mandy Dobosenski of BeeNaturalz

Lauren VanScoy of Essence One

Tyler Anderson of Driftless Visuals

Tia Keo of Silvercocoon

Natalie Salminen Rude of Studio Haiku

Susan Brown of Mademoiselle Miel

Sara Fowler

Kara Larson

Rachel Brann of Pluck Flowers

Rachel Hardacre

Eric Elefson of Turtle Hare Farm

Kerry Lambertson

Stephanie Thurow (author, WICK and Can It & Ferment It)

Nick and Kelly Koster of Anywhere Apparel