A Beautiful Friday Afternoon in St. Paul


I stumbled upon the first "Minnstameet" of the new year (translation: Minnesota Instameet. Further translation: Instagrammers from Minnesota meeting up in one place to wander around taking photos and meeting new people in real life.) This particular meet-up began at 2 and I, for some reason assumed it wasn’t a punctual thing, and therefore, I missed the initial gathering and send off from the starting point of Rice Park. However, the afternoon wasn’t lost. Through a moment of wandering and slight eavesdropping, I overheard the word “instameet” and promptly joined the conversation. I found myself in a cozy group of four Minnesota gals and we began our trek to rejoin #mapxstpaul crew.

And that we did. I would call this my first real in-depth encounter with St. Paul and as the other seasoned Minnesotans lead the way to the next impromptu photo opportunities of the journey, I drank in the winter gray sky, the aged brick buildings, the sounds of a historic city on a Friday afternoon.

I loved this real life meet-up with people who believe in the Instagram community as much as I do. Through the Instagram accounts of @minnstameets and @madewithmap, this gathering of people will undoubtedly make a wonderful map of St. Paul. As for me, I look forward to many more meet-ups of this sort that bring together beautiful Minnesotans who have the desire to share what means to live and create and inspire in the North.


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