Minnesota Style: As Functional As Beautiful


By: Ben Ransom minnesota-style-boots

The Minneapolis/St Paul fashion scene is an interesting contrast. There is an element of practicality with what we wear, but there is still a lot of thought behind it. Longevity is important. Snow, wind, and slush is a reality of ours half of the year, so we always find ourselves asking, “can I wear that in the winter?” Even when we’re out shopping for a swimsuit, the thought crosses our mind of wearing it for the Polar Plunge that winter as well.

With over 11 miles of skyway in Minneapolis, there are some individuals who almost never need to (or do) take a step outside in the winter. For the majority of us, weather is an element that we cannot escape and our fashion reflects this activeness and durability that we demand. Take for example some of the more popular Minnesota brands like Red Wing Shoes, Duluth Pack, and Faribault Woolen Mills, where hiking boots, waterproof canvas and thick wool is not just a style, but a necessity for us Minnesotans to explore the outdoors.

There are some really great brands and makers emerging locally that are carrying on this tradition of functional style through some of their featured products—Askov Finlayson: Explorer Pants, Wilson and Willys: Carver Shirts and Full-zip jackets, Fidelis Co.: ALCON bag, and Leather Works Minnesota: hefty belts and leather goods. For us, Lanona Shoe Co., we’re about to launch the Porter Boot—a rugged urban boot that can take on any winter element Minnesota offers, but still one that a fellow Minneapolite will want to show off in our skyways downtown.