Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices

... was founded by Patty Overson in 2015. She set out to inspire happier, more fulfilling lifestyles through wholesome cooking designed to benefit the body and soul. She is committed to purity, honesty, and integrity in Miss Patty's Herbs & Spices, infusing these core values into the products.  Five Fusions


Talk about the beginnings of Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices. What inspired you to begin this endeavor?

The creation of Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices is really a story that, at its heart, is about love. I love my family deeply, and I love nourishing others through food. Gathering together around a table for real food made from all-natural ingredients is a way I can demonstrate and share my love and care for others. Miss Patty’s Fusions grew out of that love. They are designed to make delicious, nutrient-filled dishes simple to cook and enjoy.

How do your spices and herbs inspire healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles? 

Miss Patty’s Fusions are completely natural and made from a combination of some of the most nutrient-dense herbs and spices. Too often, individuals desire healthier diets, which tend to lead to happier and more fulfilling lifestyles, but are intimidated by what it takes to cook food that is delicious, nutritious, and natural. My Fusions are perfectly balanced to take the guesswork out of seasoning—they turn bland dishes into flavorful favorites. What is best of all is that ounce for ounce, my gourmet seasonings are less than most simple seasoning blends found on supermarket shelves. So with Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices, you get more flavor from premium, all-natural ingredients at essentially the same price.


Why is it important to you that your herbs and spices are free of GMOs, MSG, sugar, and other unhealthy additives? 

Like many in our society that have spent years eating processed foods filled with artificial additives, sugar, GMOs and MSG, my diet and lifestyle began to take a toll on my health and quality of living. I distinctly recall hitting a milestone in life and thinking that if I did not make changes, I would not be fully enjoying the best years of my life. However, I also knew that I did not want to forfeit flavor. I made a commitment to building flavor through natural, premium ingredients that contribute to health, rather than artificial additives and sugars that can degrade it. All of my Fusions plainly list the ingredients - all of which are pure, premium, and natural.

What is special about the recipes you offer on your website? Do you have a favorite? 

My recipes are special because they make flavorful, nutritious cooking possible for anyone on any schedule or budget. I have five categories of recipes, including Slow Cooker Sensations and Flavorful in 15 Minutes for those with limited time to cook. I also have a section for Guiltless Indulgences, which shares how to cook sweet treats in ways that maximize nutrition and avoid unhealthy additives. My favorite recipes tend to come from Fan Fare Favorites since that is a section my fans submit recipes to. I love seeing how others enjoy my Fusions and hearing the stories of how my Fusions have changed their dishes and cooking. However, I think my favorite recipe is Miss Patty’s Lamb Stew (http://misspattysspices.com/recipe/fan-fare-favorites-miss-pattys-lamb-stew/). It’s a family favorite for special occasions. It’s absolutely delicious and each time I make it, it brings to mind many cherished memories.


Do you feel like owning and operating Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices allows you to contribute to something larger than yourself?

Absolutely. I wholeheartedly believe in what I do, and I’m honored to contribute to others’ lives and wellbeing as I do. More than anything in this life, I care for others. I invest myself into others because I genuinely want to bring happiness and fulfillment to others in whatever way I can. For me, the greatest gift I have to give is my ability to make food flavorful, nutritious, and fulfilling. Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices allows me to do that in a broader way, reaching more people than I otherwise could. At its core, it’s about sharing love and caring for others, but it’s realized in a delicious way that helps encourage others to live well.

What do you see for the future of Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices?

I love what I do, so I see Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices being around for quite some time. I plan to continue my work in helping others cook delicious, nutrient-filled foods at home. I have several ideas for expanding my company and most importantly, the products I offer, to continue inspiring eating and living well in others. Some are in the works as we speak. In addition to food-based products, I will continue to offer beautiful and functional decor for the kitchen and home as well as gourmet gift baskets. We really have something for everyone!

Why is local important?  

Buying local and cooking at home is important not only for the health benefits, but also for the way it supports one's community. Buying local means you’re more likely to know exactly where your food comes from, how it is grown, and whether or not certain chemicals or techniques are used in its growth. It makes for fresher foods, which in turn, can often mean higher nutritional value. With this important fact is the key benefit that it supports local businesses—our neighbors and friends that we live alongside. I am a strong believer in supporting local businesses—both food and non-food based.


How has living in Minnesota influenced your creative work, specifically through Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices?

Minnesota is part of who I am. I cannot imagine living anywhere else. One thing I love about Minnesota is the great variety of skills, creativity, produce, and products our state has to offer. We are a beautiful and diverse state, and we hold tightly to our heritage. One of my favorite pass-times is visiting historic districts and shops where antique goods are preserved and sold. This beautiful heritage is a big part of what inspired me to encourage others to return to wholesome cooking with all-natural ingredients rather than prepackaged, processed foods. Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices is a way of embracing the beauty of our heritage and creating a legacy, ensuring that the delicious, made-from-scratch approach to cooking is accessible even within our busy lives today.


How has the journey of conceptualizing and building and sharing Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices influenced you as a person?  

The journey of Miss Patty’s Herbs & Spices has in so many ways been rewarding, inspiring, and affirming. I have grown so much in my own journey toward living a healthy, wholesome, and fulfilling lifestyle. Wanting the best for others has in turn meant giving the best of myself and discovering new ways to make the most of my talents and abilities. It is tremendously rewarding to see the things I enjoy doing bringing joy to others. There is nothing greater than hearing how customers have fallen in love with cooking all over again (or for the first time!), are turning to more natural cooking, and are finding fulfillment in nourishing their families and loved ones through Miss Patty’s Fusions and recipes!

What does a creating a wholesome, nourishing, decadent meal mean to you? 

Creating a wholesome, nourishing, and decadent meal means allowing the delicious flavors of premium and natural ingredients shine through cooking foods well at home. To me, wholesome cooking is cooking that is made at home from scratch, using all-natural ingredients. While this seems daunting at first, my recipes make it easy and the results are irresistible. My Fusions and dishes are nourishing because I choose each ingredient based on the essential vitamins and nutrients it contributes. Each recipe notes the major nutrients the dish provides, and how they contribute to our health. It is remarkable what a difference it can make simply cooking natural foods at home. And while ultimately the way food nourishes our bodies is most important, there is no denying the importance and allure of flavor. My Fusions give food a decadent, gourmet finish because I have spent years upon years perfecting the balance of flavors. In the end, we want each bite to count—not only in terms of nutritional value, but also in terms of flavor. My Fusions and recipes make the most of each bite—packing both flavor and nutrients into every delicious morsel.

Visit Miss Patty's Herbs & Spices here: http://misspattysspices.com/

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