Superior Spring Cocktails


- by Melina Lamer, founder of Superior Switchel Co. -Centuries ago, switchel was the original outdoorsman’s choice beverage. American hay farmers claimed it quenched their thirst and settled their stomachs, all while providing energy for the long day ahead. There are many variations of switchel, but no matter the recipe, the outcome is a slightly sweet and tangy, ginger-infusion that can be drank hot, cold, or mixed.

Today, everyone can reap the benefits of switchel. Whether you’re playing pond hockey, uprooting a carrot, or sitting by a campfire—get ready for an honest, refreshing beverage.

At Superior Switchel Co. we craft a traditional switchel—brewed with fresh Organic Ginger, Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, and Local Minnesota Wildflower Honey or Wisconsin Maple Syrup—poured right into a reusable Mason jar or growler. All of our flavors (The Haymaker, Orange Maple, and Lavender Lemon) take your health into consideration, and for every bottle purchased, you’re contributing to the conservation of our great lakes.

Superior Switchel Co. — reminding you to be superior inside and out! Ask for this original outdoorsman’s beverage at your local retailer.