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logo-imagePowered by little hands and big imaginations, the toys created by William Feldmann of Maple River Toy Company are enthusiastically welcomed by children and adults alike. “It is fun to watch a child's eyes light up when they first get their hands on one of the toys,” remarked William. “I've always enjoyed building toys, but it wasn't until my wife and I started having kids of our own that I really understood just how creative children can be in their play.”

602355_10151192237158791_22548683_n1-300x300Each of William's toys is made in his home-based wood shop. Everything from trucks, cars, tractors, and doll furniture seems to magically appear from the piles of wood and sawdust. When asked if he'd ever had any woodworking catastrophes, William grinned and told us, “Well, there was the time that I drove an overly long screw through a board and right into my other hand. Believe me, that's one of those you-do-it-only-once kind of things.” William doesn't count splinters and smashed fingernails anymore. “It's just part of the process,” he chuckled.

The toys are custom designed using a variety of woods. Maple is a favorite for its availability and stability, and walnut adds rich color tones to any creation. For something a little different William utilizes bubinga (from Africa or South America) and bloodwood (from South America).

william-playWilliam is always looking for ways to incorporate new designs into his toy repertoire. “I'd really like to expand the farm machinery choices, mostly in the implement design area. It is obvious that we are in a rural area and plenty of grandparents really enjoy giving high quality farm toys to their grandchildren,” he said.

Parents and grandparents really appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each of the Maple River Toy Company's creations. As an added feature, interested purchasers are not limited to finding William at local craft fairs. “I do attend craft fairs, but I do a lot of special orders also,” William commented. “Just call or email with a request and I'll be glad to give you a quote and then custom build your child's toy for you. I rarely work off of a written plan, so I can design and build on the fly.”

img_1568“I once had a request that went like this – 'A firetruck for a two year old.' Now that's the kind of request that is just downright fun. There's room to move on the design and yet everyone knows what a firetruck should look like,” William remarked. “Just plain fun for both me and the child!”

Each of William's toys must meet his exacting standards. The resulting design is a functional, fun toy that is also a work of art. It is the kind of toy that lasts a lifetime and can be played with endlessly – no batteries required!

“Want a toy?” William chuckled, “just call.”



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