Minnesota Country Register

Kim Keller, owner of the Minnesota Country Register newspaper, explains her business this way – “It is the best of both worlds! We are a real, live, newsprint paper – the kind people like to peruse leisurely over a cup of coffee or tea. In addition, the Country Register is equally at home on a mobile device. Great for those folks who seem to always be on the run.” Okay…..but what is the Country Register newspaper really all about?

kim-workingKim answers that question with a chuckle, “Well, the Country Register is a nationally known paper that is printed state by state. The paper is a unique combination of art, recipes, stories, craft ideas, tips, and more. Our advertisers appreciate the paper’s reach. We actually split the business ads by region, that way if a group of gals decides to go on a ‘shop hop’ they can focus in on quilting and crafting shops in one area of the state.”

The Country Register publishes six editions per year. Kim pulls together each edition from her home office, based in Blaine, Minnesota.

Kim acquired the paper in 2009 when she moved to Minnesota. It was a natural fit for her as she had been doing sales calls for the Country Register papers based in Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, and Indiana. “I really enjoyed doing the sales part too,” said Kim. “It is just such a unique publication because it is free for the end customer. We ship the papers out to the advertisers; in turn, they make the papers readily available for their shoppers. The papers are also available at highway rest stops throughout the state.”

The Country Register features artwork from nationally recognized artists such as Susan Rios, Pat Olson, Jake Vandenbrink, Gail Vass, Janet Stever, and Maureen McCarthy.

Susan Rios pat-olson
Susan Rios Pat Olson
jakev Gail Vass
Jake Vandenbrink Gail Vass
janet mc
Janet Stever Maureen McCarthy

The Country Register has become a staple in many specialty shops around the state. Many of the shopkeepers send notes like this one to Kim – “It’s been a great added bonus for me to have The Country Register at my counter! Thanks for a great job.” – Val Besser (owner of Spinning Spools Quilt Shop in New Ulm)

Pick up your copy of The Country Register at a locally owned craft/quilting/specialty store near you! On the other hand, you can view the paper at http://www.countryregister.com/mn



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