St. Clair Fitness Center

Lisa Johnson, owner of the St. Clair Fitness Center Lisa Johnson, owner of the St. Clair Fitness Center has heard it all. And usually it goes something like this -

"I can't go to a fitness center. Everyone there is svelte, amazingly sculpted, and ready to be in the movies. I would feel like an overweight blob next to those hard-bodies."

Okay. So that's a bit of an exaggeration. Yet it is true that many folks have a misconception of what a fitness center is all about.

"It's great if you are young, vibrant, and just looking to keep those rippled abs in tip-top shape. However, the truth of the matter is that far more people are simply looking for a way to stay healthy and maybe lose a little weight in the process." says Lisa.

That's where the St. Clair Fitness Center comes to the rescue.

Lisa has created a fitness environment that is designed to meet the needs of real people. Real moms and dads with tight employment schedules. Real senior citizens looking to maintain their strength and range of movement. Real families looking for an activity that can be enjoyed by the family as a whole.

 Octane Seated Elliptical

The St. Clair Fitness Center has a wide variety of exercise equipment housed in a pleasant, well lit room. There's everything from Treadmills to Ellipticals. From Body Bars to the Bosu Balance Trainer. The list goes on with Recumbent Bikes, TRX, Smith Machine, Free Weights, Lat Pull Down, Medicine Balls, Seated Elliptical, and more.

The equipment area is open to members 24 hours a day, all throughout the year. Hmmmm. It doesn't leave much room for scheduling excuses, does it?

Each person has different health and body maintenance goals and sometimes those goals are easier to reach if you have an exercise buddy (or buddies!) to keep you company along the way.

To help facilitate group participation, Lisa has created a variety of fitness classes.

Relax, repair, restore and renew your body during the Gentle Yoga session. Or, step it up a bit with Warrior Sculpt, featuring a flowing series of poses that challenge your body and de-stress your mind simultaneously. Or what the heck, break out in dance to the great Latin rhythms in the Zumba class -


Zumba is the Latin inspired dance fitness party!


Think Zumba isn't for you? Think again, because Zumba is for everyone, give it a click to see why - Zumba Dance Fitness

"I've never seen so many smiles during a supposed exercise class!", notes Lisa. "People are too busy dancing and enjoying themselves to notice the great workout they are getting."


Every person and every shape is welcome at the St. Clair Fitness Center. And best of all, by becoming a member you may be able to get a reimbursement from your health insurance provider.

Please visit Lisa's website, St. Clair Fitness Center for more information and class schedule.