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It was once suggested to us that Minnesota should be renamed “the land of 10,000 makers” and we’re very much behind that! We care about sharing the unique perspectives of this place, what connects us and drives our creative work, and how we can find our communities and make a difference within them. We are proud to be a woman-owned, ad-free publication - and we aim to feature voices that exemplify the intersection between craft and community in Minnesota. Read in-depth feature stories, intimate interviews, poetry, community guides, personal essays, recipes, and more. Support indie publishing and the inspiring folks we feature by subscribing!


Why we make this magazine:

We believe in the power of immersive and honest storytelling - and in the power of thoughtful print production. We publish bold voices from within our Minnesota communities, especially the voices of women, LGBTQIA+ folk, people of color, and other marginalized humans. Representation matters, and we aim to publish the diversity of creative voices of our communities through compelling stories, conversations, photography, essays, recipes, and illustration. Our goal in content and contributors is to represent and celebrate the intersection of craft and community in Minnesota in an inclusive, welcoming, and creatively inspiring way. Our stories feature folks who are mission-driven, sustainably minded, and focused on building stronger individuals and communities.

We strive for honesty, integrity, and compassion in our contributors, features, and collaborations. Join us in telling real stories of real people in our Minnesota communities navigating creative practice and purpose in their craft. It’s also important for us to be transparent in our production details - read more here.


Why Read Make MN?

Passion for community

We care deeply about making, supporting, and enriching community. Whether through food, craft, storytelling, or meaningful partnerships, we aim to connect with our communities in worthwhile ways.

Free of traditional advertising

Traditional, impersonal advertising doesn’t align with our values, nor with the values of our readers. The display ads of yesteryear no longer have the power they once did, rather, today’s magazine readers yearn for quality content.

Real people, real stories

As we feature makers, small businesses, and innovators from every region of Minnesota, we hope to uncover the hidden cities, talented makers, and beautiful communities in every corner of our Northern state. We are confident that every issue will offer a beautiful amount of depth, vision, as well as the drive to support local businesses.

The power of print

We want our magazine to feel special. We have the opportunity to offer a slow, thoughtful reading experience, so why not make it as unique as possible?

Read it (much) later

Paper is patient. Our stories are timeless. Collect our issues now and enjoy them whenever you get a chance. 

Proudly indie

Make MN is an independent publication made with a passion for Northern craft, community, and connecting to this place. We’re funded by our fantastic Patrons, subscribers, and local business and event partnerships.


Meet the Team

We are lucky to collaborate with a community-centric network of talented contributors on print and digital content. Big thanks to all these thoughtful, talented voices for sharing their magic with us. Without these humans, this magazine would not exist. We are so grateful for every one of these writers, photographers, growers, artists, and friends. Read the full list of our excellent contributors here





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What the people say!

“If you’re in the hunt for a beautiful publication filled with compelling stories that highlight the diverse communities of this great state, look no further than Make MN Magazine. I AM OBSESSED.” -Megan, Minneapolis

“It’s an honor to be a part of this creative community of makers and artists that make this publication rich with truth and perspective. The ‘Curiosity Issue’ is packed page to page with inspiring stories, projects and a collection of life’s ways and means for living.” - Lisa (Make MN Contributor)

“Make Minnesota featured me in their VISION issue this month and their colorful design was publication dreams. Also I don’t think we talked about my art much at all which was a complete breath of fresh air for real! We talked about the heart, vision, the human condition, social media, sharing your creative work, expectations, perfection paralysis, crying, playfulness and all the in between. My kinda folks.” - Ashley, Minneapolis