Possibility Issue

Possibility Issue


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A Note from the Editor: “Pure possibility can be a bold, vulnerable place to be, a land full of hope and opportunity, but also risk. The fear of the unknown depths of possibility can make it feel difficult to lean into in a wholehearted way. To embrace possibility for all it is - that’s a bold endeavor, indeed.

This issue features an artist discovering the power in their voice, the humbling process of crafting a violin, a preservationist couple who turned to storytelling to connect with their community, lessons learned in building a yurt at North House Folk School, perspectives in addressing our egos in travel, recipes using local cranberries, honeynut squash, and traditionally unused parts of vegetables for a savory broth. There’s immense possibility in these pages, and I’m so happy this magazine made its way to you. Whether you found Make MN at your neighborhood co-op, ordered from our website, borrowed your friend’s copy, or by some other miracle, I hope you enjoy these stories.”

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