Maple Flavored Caramel Corn

This recipe was featured in the 2015 Spring issue of Make It Minnesota. bowl

Everyone loves caramel corn. Unfortunately, everyone’s old favorite may not be the best for you. But this recipe is a healthier alternative. Instead of refined sugars and corn syrup, this caramel corn recipe uses pure maple syrup. products

Sturdiwheat syrup purchased from St. Peter Food Co-op, Patriot Pops from

Sturdiwheat syrup purchased from St. Peter Food Co-op, Patriot Pops from

For this easy-to-make snack, we used Sturdiwheat Maple Syrup, made in Red Wing, MN, and Patriot Pops organic popcorn, made in Lamberton, MN.

Ingredients: – 1 cup popcorn – 1/2 cup butter – 1 cup maple syrup – 1 cup milk – dash of salt – coarse sea salt Also need: candy thermometer

Before starting, make sure you have two baking sheets lined with parchment paper.

unpopped-300x200First you will need to pop your popcorn, about 1 cup. You can do this in anyway. We used coconut oil in this vintage stove-top hand-crank popper. Set aside popcorn in a large bowl.




milk-300x300Bring the butter, syrup, milk, and a dash of salt to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until temperature reaches 220 degrees fahrenheit, stirring constantly. This will take several minutes. Do not overheat.




The caramel should look close to this when ready.

Drizzle over popcorn and stir, continuing to drizzle and stir until all the caramel is used. Spread the popcorn onto the baking sheets. If desired, (we recommend it!) sprinkle coarse salt over the popcorn.





Bake in preheated oven at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes. Then let cool completely before eating, stirring a few times to prevent sticking.


This healthy snack is perfect to take on-the-go and great for families and parties, though it won’t last long!