Vision Issue

The first issue of the year has officially been themed 'Vision' - a collection devoted to the big picture, dreams, goals, and projections into the future.

With the renewed direction of the mag and all the planning and evaluation leading up to the brand refresh and first issue of 2018, the vision behind everything is really the driving force. Trusting my vision and perspective and ambitions for the mag and following through. I've never fancied myself a boldly visionary person, so it feels like a good time to explore what vision, in all its connotations, can do in our lives, how it influences our communities, what we make, and how our perspective impacts our notion of reality.

I am also aware that my vision finds strength and depth from outside perspectives. With the help of a fantastic team, including an exceedingly talented Art Director and an excellent group of contributing writers and photographers, the future of Make It Minnesota will be shaped by many unique voices and viewpoints. And still, beyond our team, I hope for our readers to be an integral part of the future. So, I invite you to dream with us by clicking the 'Share Your Vision' button below, or support our storytelling efforts by pre-ordering the issue!