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Make MN is a print magazine and a monthly newsletter celebrating Northern craft, community, and connecting to this place we call home. Discover hands-on making, an appreciation for local craft, and unique ideas that shape what's being made in Minnesota. 


Curiosity Issue

The Curiosity Issue is a collection of stories featuring curious, interesting, innovative, and knowledge-seeking individuals. From furniture makers to textile artists to shop owners to cider makers and beyond, this is an eclectic issue full of beautiful, inspiring weirdos. Read on for some of the highlights.Dreamy cover illustration by Art Director Sara Fowler. 

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Independent publications like Make Minnesota rely on support by readers and subscribers to be sustainable. We're proud to be ad-free and printing locally on high quality, uncoated paper - become a subscriber to join the community! 


Web Features

In addition to the print magazine, Make MN publishes new digital content throughout the month. For updates, subscribe to our newsletter and follow Make MN online.