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We feel connected to Minnesota and its vibrant people. We believe the stories of here root us to the land. We want to share these stories and offer a reading experience that feels special.

As a small, yet ambitious team, we are fueled by a passion for helping local businesses, artists, and makers. We also want to connect with our audience through media beyond our print magazine. We aim to collaborate with local makers and businesses via online interviews and stories, a bi-weekly newsletter, social media posts, and via a variety of partnership packages.

All because we want Make Minnesota to feel like a community endeavor—one that connects, informs, and inspires us to engage with local businesses, artists, non-profits, and our community in more impactful ways. Connect with us below! 

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Instagram Contests

We love connecting with the Minnesota Instagram community! See the past few contests below! 



A Self-Portrait Contest

Alongside our partner, MNCommunity Duluth, our latest Instagram contest celebrates the individual behind the camera. Enter your photos at #MakeMN_MNCommDuluth!


BWCA Wave Cap Camera Front (Cropped) - Mantova (1 of 1).jpg

Humble apparel Co. 

For this contest, we teamed up with Humble Apparel Co. and asked Minnesota photographers to submit work that is inspired by the incredible outdoors right here in Minnesota. This Instagram contest was all about appreciating, respecting, and preserving the beautiful land and water that make Minnesota an incredible place to visit and live. We’re proud to announce you can view more than 400 photos at #MakeItMN_ThisIsHumble



Foxglove Market + Studio

In collaboration with  contest sponsor, Foxglove Market & Studio, we asked Minnesota photographers a few questions for inspiration. How do you bloom where you are planted? When you explore your roots and reflect on the art they inspire, what nourishes your growth? What brings you peace and strength and inspiration? Photographers entered their photographs via the hashtag #MakeItMN_Foxglove. 


Local Event Collaboration

Would you like to share your local event with our readers and followers? We love featuring unique events that creatively showcase local makers and artists while cultivating a sense of community. If you're interested in an online + social media feature package that will reach more than 20k followers (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter combined), send us a note using the form below!  Past local event collaborations include: American Craft Council, Rummage MN, Junk Bonanza, Arc's Value Village, and more!  


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