Anna Chambers-Goldberg

Anna Chambers-Goldberg started ACG in 2013. This clothing line is an extension of her lifelong passion for sewing, with her fine art training contributing greatly to her process and inspiration. Anna was born in New England and grew up in Minneapolis, MN. After studying printmaking at Macalester College in Saint Paul, she spent several years interning for various printmakers and artists, including Minnesota Center for Book Arts, before developing her own concept for an artist-run clothing line. Since 2013, ACG has extended to several retailers and one gallery. As ACG continues to grow, Anna plans to nourish both her artistic and clothing design passions for this project. Some materials are hand-dyed, hand-woven, or hand-printed. These pieces show off the beautiful variations inherent in hand-made processes. When possible the dyes are sourced from environmentally-friendly suppliers. Although everything is done by hand, which can take a lot of time, we try to keep the prices out of the sky. We do not wish to exclude anyone from access to our products. We price everything as low as possible to keep our business going while attempting to please customers from all walks of life.


Talk about the beginnings of ACG. What inspired you begin this endeavor?

After college, where I studied printmaking, I was looking for ways to continue my art practice. I had always made clothes just for myself, so when a friend challenged me to make a small collection to show alongside his, I was inspired to dive into this medium. The ideas just kept coming, so ACG was born.

Have you always been creative? What forms or channels have you explored in your creative journey?

 I have always been very creative, and have explored as many avenues as possible! I officially studied several forms of printmaking, darkroom photography, painting, and drawing. But I have also dipped my toes in woodworking, sculpture, and lots and lots of textile-related projects. If I wasn't doing this, I would definitely still be making something.


How have the items you make evolved? How have you evolved?

 "The only constant is change" said someone really smart. I'd like to think it keeps getting better, as I hone my craft. But of course, I learn from the failures too. Lately I've been intentionally bringing my fine art mindset to my designs, especially in this fall's runway collection. It feels good to have found a way to merge my business with my artistic expression.

Why is local important?   

Aside from the many environmental and economic reasons, I believe it builds our sense of community. That is easy to lose sight of in the digital age. I think it's a positive way to channel consumerism- to place more value in the quality and origin of the things we buy.


How has living in Minnesota influenced your creative work, specifically through ACG?

There is a really solid community of makers - and local shoppers - here in Minneapolis. I think that helped me see the possibility in a business like mine. This city is small and dynamic - I think that makes is the perfect place for this. If I had been in either a larger or smaller city, I'm not sure I would have seen it as feasible.


Do you like to experiment with different fabrics, materials, or techniques in your work? 

Of course!

Do you feel like your work allows you to contribute to something bigger than yourself? 

In some sense yes, because of the ways this type of business adds to the creative community, and the local economy. I also think that the more successful women, artists, and entrepreneurs younger generations see, the better our future will be.