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Junk Bonanza Workshop: Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

We had a lovely time today at a very colorful and interactive Media Workshop at Junk Bonanza Vintage Market! The workshop was put on by Annie Sloan, an artist and author who is widely known as one of the world's most respected experts in paint and color. In the workshop, we happily painted pineapples, learned about Annie's upcoming Wall Paint line and her exciting partnership with Oxfam, and shared our latest Driven Issue with the artist herself! We are so grateful for the opportunity to try out Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan! These paints have an incredible range of interesting colors and a perfect consistency - we were also able to incorporate metallic details using her line of gilding waxes. If you're looking for fresh inspiration for your next painting project, be sure to check out all of Annie's products in several independent shops all over Minnesota!

Thanks so much for the beautiful workshop, Annie and team! Below, enjoy some images from the day!