Melinda Wolff

Melinda Wolff is a St. Paul artist experienced in many fields of art and has become fascinated and inspired by working extensively in jewelry, stained glass, and watercolor paintings. She has a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from the College of St. Benedict and just recently embarked on a new life adventure by becoming a full time artist. Keep an eye out for her creations at local art and craft shows throughout the year and make sure to follow her journey on her website and Facebook. Jewelry by Melinda Wolff is handcrafted from reclaimed and recycled woods from around the world. Each piece is one of a kind and intentionally designed to highlight the unique grains and textures. The jewelry is brought to life with a lacquer or resin coating that magnifies and accentuates a spectrum of colors, which can range from deep blacks and browns, to warm reds and purples, to rich whites and yellows. Melinda Wolff jewelry also includes necklaces, rings, and keychains made from found butterfly and moth wings and hand picked real 4-leaf clovers. Distinctive and rare, each piece makes a statement that emphasizes nature’s beauty.



Talk about the beginnings of your business. What inspired you begin this endeavor? 

After graduating from college, I had been a part time artist while working full time at various companies. In August 2015, I decided to pursue my dream and passion and made the leap to become a full time artist.  My dream of making a living off my artwork is now reality and every day is full of creativity, hope, excitement, and ambiguity.


Have you always been creative? What forms or channels have you explored in your creative journey?  

If you ask my parents, I have been creative ever since I was a little tike. I have always had a passion for art and graduated from the College of St. Benedict with a degree in Studio Art - focusing on jewelry, pottery, oil and watercolor painting. After college, I worked for a year as a production potter and then transitioned to a small company as a wholesale jewelry designer. I also spent a few years working at a local arts college helping and educating students on ways to find jobs related to the arts. I now focus on watercolor paintings, jewelry, and stained glass windows and I have sold my artwork through commissions, galleries and numerous art shows.


How has your business evolved? How have you evolved?

Since I took the leap to full time artist in 2015, my focuses have been on participating in art shows, scoping our galleries and shops to sell my artwork, and working on building connections for commissioned pieces. I’ve learned to commit time to going to galleries, taking walks in nature, and researching artists to stay inspired. I’m always looking for new adventures and love meeting new people in the art industry.


Why is local important?

By supporting local, you are giving small businesses a chance to pursue their dreams. Local art helps to create a rich and vibrant community that is full of character.


How has living in Minnesota influenced your creative work, specifically through your business?

Nature fuels my creativity and recharges my battery. I am inspired by the colors, the textures, the blooms, the sounds. I try to capture and enhance nature’s elements in my paintings, my jewelry, and my stained glass designs.


What do you see for the future of your business?

I want to grow, I want to learn. I plan to venture outside my comfort zone in order to live in uncertainty - this is the place where I can see the possibilities that otherwise would be invisible. I plan on adapting to certain markets in order to succeed, evolving to meet new demands, all while maintaining my integrity and style.


Do you feel like making and creating through your business allows you to contribute to something larger than yourself? 

Yes. My hope is to create artwork that enhances, highlights, and brings appreciation to nature’s beauty.



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