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Our Story

Make MN Magazine is a quarterly magazine focusing on Northern craft, community, and connecting to this place, Minnesota. We publish the voices of our communities through compelling stories, conversations, photography, essays, recipes, and illustration. Our goal in content and contributors is to represent and celebrate the intersection of craft and community in this place in an inclusive, welcoming, and creatively inspiring way.

We are proud to be a woman-owned, ad-free, independent magazine - and we’re passionate about the stories of this place. Support indie publishing and the makers we feature by subscribing!


We take pride in creating a quality print publication four times a year that deserves a special place on your bookshelf or coffee table. Read it in one sitting, one day at a time, or maybe save it for a snowy Minnesota day. 


Every bit of this magazine is made in Minnesota. We're passionate about the stories we share, the truths we uncover, the communities we reach. Our contributors are incredible and without their integrity, talent, and drive to tell honest stories, this wouldn't be a magazine at all. From issue planning to final revisions to holding print copies in hand, we love the process of building this magazine. And it's an honor to be able to share it with you.


  • Format 8 × 10.5 in., 56+ pages (before 2018, 8.5 x 11 in.)

  • Binding Perfect Bound

  • Frequency Quarterly - published four times per year

  • Print run 350 copies

  • Printing & Shipping GLS Printing

  • Distribution Self-distributed

  • Single Copy $15

  • Subscription $56

  • Publisher Make It MN LLC

  • Editor/Production Kara Larson

  • Art Direction Sara Fowler


Where to Buy

The easiest way to get hold of a copy is to order it online or visit one of our excellent stockists. Feel free to suggest a store in your town and we’ll reach out to them.

Become a stockist

Do you own a book store, local goods shop, bakery, coffee shop, or something of the like? Become an official Make MN stockist today! Email Kara to get the ball rolling! 

What the people say!

“If you’re in the hunt for a beautiful publication filled with compelling stories that highlight the diverse communities of this great state, look no further than Make MN Magazine. I AM OBSESSED.” -Megan, Minneapolis

“It’s an honor to be a part of this creative community of makers and artists that make this publication rich with truth and perspective. The ‘Curiosity Issue’ is packed page to page with inspiring stories, projects and a collection of life’s ways and means for living.” - Lisa (Make MN Contributor)

“Make Minnesota featured me in their VISION issue this month and their colorful design was publication dreams. Also I don’t think we talked about my art much at all which was a complete breath of fresh air for real! We talked about the heart, vision, the human condition, social media, sharing your creative work, expectations, perfection paralysis, crying, playfulness and all the in between. My kinda folks.” - Ashley, Minneapolis



If you have a general inquiry, an impossibly interesting idea, or would like to contribute/collaborate, send Kara (editor + owner) a note! /


Contributions & Submissions / Before you submit! 

Thanks for considering us to publish your work! Please read the following guidelines first.

  • We are looking for new photographers and illustrators.

  • We are looking for writers who’d like to publish a new or existing essay in our magazine. Keep the following in mind:

    • We're not about clickbait or hyperbole. We don't share one-off events in print or publish lists of the top ten trendiest brunch spots. We publish immersive, thoughtful stories, interviews, essays, recipes poetry, and curated guides that represent Minnesota and our communities in a genuine way.

    • Subject matter is broad, though correlates with a theme for every issue. 2019 themes: Bold, Green, Perspective, & Collaboration. Some examples of our content would be maker/artist interviews, recipes using local, seasonal ingredients, and tales of exploration, innovation, or growth in our own communities.

  • We sometimes re-publish essays that have previously appeared online – feel free to send us a link to your piece. If you’d like to write a new piece for us, please include some references.

  • We are also always looking for guest editors of our monthly newsletter. If you’d like to share your favorite local goodies and spots with our audience, please get in touch.

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How do subscriptions work?
All of our subscription plans start with your choice of the current issue or next issue of Make MN, paid upfront. 

When do I get my supporter gift?
 If you have signed up for a subscription tier that includes a supporter gift, your gift is automatically sent out with the fourth issue of your subscription.

How will I know when my subscription is up?
 We will send you a note with your final magazine as well as an e-mail before the next issue. We do hope you renew!


How long does shipping take?
We ship orders once weekly (usually Mondays) from Minneapolis, MN. Shipping within Minnesota is quick, usually just 2-4 days. Outside of Minnesota (but still domestic) takes around 4-7 working days.

How much does shipping cost?
Each magazine weighs to $2.66 via UPS, and we charge $3 flat shipping + handling on any order made on our website. Even subscriptions!

What payment methods do you offer?
At the end of the checkout, you can pay via PayPal or by credit card!

Can I change my shipping address?
We're hoping to build online account access for Make MN subscribers so you're able to change your shipping and billing details on your account at any time. Until then, drop us an email about your address change! 


Is there a digital version of the magazine?
Nope, there is no digital version. We're all about the print experience.

How often do you publish new issues?
We don't have a fixed schedule, but publish a new issue roughly every three months (four magazines a year). As a subscriber you’ll automatically receive every new issue as soon as it’s released.

Can I contribute to the next issue?
Perhaps! Please check our contact page for more info on submissions.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Contact us.



Let’s work together!

Make MN is published by a small, hardworking team of passionate Minnesotans. Additionally, we collaborate with a diverse network of talented contributors on print, digital, and social content. If you’re a photographer, filmmaker, writer, illustrator, etc. and are interested in collaborating, contact us.


Artist/Maker Collaboration

Our first artist collaboration was with Sarah Nelson of Auslandish Company for the Curiosity Issue (summer 2018). She was kind enough to donate a big bunch of her beautifully illustrated Good Livin' Bingo Cards to make our summer issue an extra special one. Every subscriber to Make MN received one of these lovely cards. 


Patron Subscription + Collaboration

Think of a patron subscription as a way to contribute to the conversation about and celebration of the culture of making in Minnesota. Beyond sharing your business on social media, in the magazine, and on our website, we also like to get to know our patron subscribers by way of unique collaboration. We’re talking photo or essay contests, workshops, events, a magazine pop-up, an art/craft project, exclusive merchandise, and beyond!  


Partner in Sustainability

We’re looking to partner with local brands, businesses, and organizations to help us become a more sustainable, eco-conscious publication. In 2019, our goal is to improve our sustainability by printing our magazine on 100% recycled paper, and ship our magazines using 100% recycled shipping materials. Help us get there!


Are you passionate about the makers, small businesses, artists, co-ops, and shops in your community? Help us scout stories, stockists, and potential collaborations in your home community! Sound like fun?


Meet our Patron Supporters!

Our biggest supporters, our patrons help us make this magazine happen. These fantastic Minnesota shops, small businesses, folk schools, podcasts, and design houses fund our mission to celebrate the culture of craft and community in Minnesota. Huge THANK YOU to these generous local folk!


Become a Patron Subscriber

Join the community & help make this magazine happen

There are some serious perks to becoming a Patron of Make MN. Ideal for local businesses and organizations who aim to support their own communities, we have two options for supporting Make MN as a patron - and let me tell you, they are pretty special. Your dollars go directly to the behind-the-scenes costs of print, contributors, design, and everything in between. And with your support, you will receive:

  • Four issues a year printed on beautiful, high quality, uncoated paper (up to three copies per print for shared offices)

  • A small supporter gift at the end of the year made by a local maker or artist

  • One social media post every 3 months that reaches an audience of 3k on Facebook and 16k on Instagram (our biggest reach)

  • Your name and website (or that of your company) printed in each issue and shown on our Patrons webpage (above!)