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Our biggest supporters, our patrons help us make this magazine happen. These fantastic Minnesota shops, small businesses, folk schools, podcasts, and design houses fund our mission to celebrate the culture of craft and community in Minnesota. Huge THANK YOU to these generous local folk!


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There are some serious perks to becoming a Patron of Make MN. Ideal for local businesses and organizations who aim to support their own communities, we have two options for supporting Make MN as a patron - and let me tell you, they are pretty special. Your dollars go directly to the behind-the-scenes costs of print, contributors, design, and everything in between. And with your support, you will receive:

  • Four issues a year printed on beautiful, high quality, uncoated paper (up to three copies per print for shared offices)

  • A small supporter gift at the end of the year made by a local maker or artist

  • One social media post every 3 months that reaches an audience of 3k on Facebook and 16k on Instagram (our biggest reach)

  • Your name and website (or that of your company) printed in each issue and shown on our Patrons webpage (above!)