Vol. 4, No. 1

Bold Issue

A collection inspired and created by some wonderfully bold humans. Their stories are tucked inside, waiting for fresh eyes and open minds. It is such a joy to give energy and space to the voices in this issue, and I’m so proud of every page! Stunning cover art by She She, this issue features Sarah Agaton Howes of House of Howes, Kayla Elefson of Turtle Hare Farm, Manola Suvannarad of Maat Mons, Nicole Mayefske of Big Mouth Tarot written by Lindsay Strong, Lisa Frank of Rettlers, Linda Aldredge of Lulu Organics, photos by Hosanna Termaat, recipes by Betsy Nelson and Tom Thulen, essay by Bekah Morris, poetry + art by Moheb Soliman, and a guide to local writers by Moon Palace Books, Boneshaker Books, Subtext Books, Milkweed Books. Art direction by Sara Fowler and editorial by Kara Larson!  There’s immense possibility in these pages - read about artists, farmers, business owners, and so many more inspiring individuals. Order yours to support independent publishing!

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Vol. 3, No. 4

Possibility Issue

featuring an artist discovering the power in their voice, the humbling process of crafting a violin, a preservationist couple who turned to storytelling to connect with their community, lessons learned in building a yurt at North House Folk School, perspectives in addressing our egos in travel, recipes using local cranberries, honeynut squash, and traditionally unused parts of vegetables for a savory broth.

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Vol. 3, No. 3

Identity Issue

an exploration of overlapping cultural, environmental, and deeply personal identities, this issue features immersive interviews, stories, essays, and recipes that celebrate the powerful and energizing diversity of this place. Read about artists, a beekeeper, a ceramicist, a farmer, a distiller, a gym owner, and so many more inspiring individuals.

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Vol. 3, No. 2

Curiosity Issue

a collection of stories that chronicles curious humans who, in their differences, exemplify the magic of being human, make beautiful things with their hands, fight for fellow humans, and make sustainable choices in their work to benefit the greater good. These are stories built on embracing the unknown and leaning into insatiable curiosity.

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Isa Gagarin, Cover Illustrator + Feature / Green Issue

Isa Gagarin, Cover Illustrator + Feature / Green Issue


Bold Issue

Green Issue

Perspective Issue

Collaboration Issue

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